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Sissi State Podcast
Sissi State Podcast 11: Zeta & Photography

In Episode 11, our podcast speaker Nick grabbed our photographer Zeta for an in-depth interview on event photography, Smash, and much more. They talk about Zeta’s career, about the difficulty of photographers in general and in the esports scene especially. A very exciting and funny conversation!

Language: German

About the Speakers

Artur “Zeta” Martirosian

The young and charming photographer from Leipzig has been a Smash player under TKA and SSP for a long time. He found his passion for photography and especially for event photography very quickly and already shot quite a few great photos at the DreamHack Leipzig, or in Vienna for the Punks. In the meantime he has become an important part of the organization and is always present when we need a good photographer on any event or bootcamp.


Nick “Pylonick” Hömke

As social media manager, Nick has been with SSP since the 1st hour. He previously served as LoL Manager for TKA and is now responsible for the Sissi State Podcast. Some social media posts and especially the R6 memes go to his account. When he’s not stuck in various jobs, he’s into good punk and rock music. And of course he has a super fluffy dog! (By the way, this is not an attitude characteristic to be accepted at SSP, even if very many have a super fluffy dog in the management.)