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Sissi State Podcast
Sissi State Podcast – Episode 3: Hellmood

Episode 3 of the Sissi State Podcast is here and brings something completely new! For the first time, not someone from SSP Stuff is interviewed, but a new content creator and streamer: Hellmood36. He is even interviewed by the Sissi State Punks president ‘LocoLoki’ himself about his streaming career and his history with SSP.

Language: German

About the Speakers

Orkun “Hellmood36” Yücel

Orkun is a Berliner through and through. He grew up in Kreuzberg, where he still lives today. The 30-year-old has been streaming mainly CS:GO for almost 3 years. He recently joined SSP as a streamer as well. In this episode Hellmood talks about his career on Twitch, his best moments and his future with the Punks. He reveals what outrages he would be willing to do for SSP and if he would get a tattoo of the Sissi State Punks logo. If you want to know what makes Hellmood so unique, how he got that strange name, and if he’s bigger than Swaglinde, be sure to listen to the new podcast!

Patrick “LocoLoki” Krippner

LocoLoki is founder and president of SSP. He is behind several creative ideas and is responsible for their implementation. The 36-year-old family man has big plans for the punks and wants to declare 2022 the Year of the Punks. Only time will tell if this will work out the way he wants it to. But the signs are good. And this podcast is already a small step on the way to the ultimate punk year. Plus, he reveals a secret in the new episode!