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Sissi State Podcast
Sissi State Podcast – Episode 4: Danielpello

We continue our series with Episode 4! Nick is back and immediately got Daniel Pello, our new streamer and content creator, in front of the microphone. Daniel talks about his career as a CS:GO streamer and caster, as well as his hobbies and a special blonde tank. You don’t want to miss this!

Language: German

About the Speakers

Daniel “Danielpello1” Polley

The 23-year-old from Bielefeld is a CS:GO gamer through and through. At Faceit level 10, he has probably already achieved everything there is to achieve. All joking aside: In his streams, the likeable punk regularly entices viewers with action-packed games and lots of laughter. That’s what makes him unique, as you can also hear in our podcast. Daniel is not afraid of a stream marathon and likes to sit live in front of his PC for 24 hours at a stretch. If you want to learn more about him, don’t miss his Twitch stream. 


Nick “Pylonick” Hömke

As social media manager, Nick has been with SSP since the 1st hour. He previously served as LoL Manager for TKA and is now responsible for the Sissi State Podcast. Some social media posts and especially the R6 memes go to his account. When he’s not stuck in various jobs, he’s into good punk and rock music. And of course he has a super fluffy dog! (By the way, this is not an attitude characteristic to be accepted at SSP, even if very many have a super fluffy dog in the management.)