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Sissi State Podcast – Episode 5: Movie Night

On March 10, the very first SSP Movie Night took place in Vienna. Together with 100 invited guests we watched the movie release of Jackass Forever. Time to ask the workinghands behind this event how the evening was for them. Which guests were present? What did they think of the film? How much beer flowed? And is there any beer left? Questions that find their answers in the brand new Sissi State Podcast Episode 5. This time with: President, Patrick ‘LocoLoki’ Krippner and Vice President Georg Hatschka.

Language: German

About the Speakers

Patrick “LocoLoki” Krippner

LocoLoki is founder and president of SSP. He is behind several creative ideas and is responsible for their implementation. The 36-year-old family man has big plans for the punks and wants to declare 2022 the Year of the Punks. Only time will tell if this will work out the way he wants it to. But the signs are good. And this podcast is already a small step on the way to the ultimate punk year. Plus, he reveals a secret in every new episode he’s in!


Georg “TheHatschka” Hatschka

Among other things, the successful event manager Georg Hatschka has been organizing one of the biggest Fighting Game tournaments in Europe, the Viennality, since 2016. Since 2019, he has been the creative director and face of the Austrian esports organization Sissi State Punks. As a musician and freaky guy he is already known from Vienna to Chicago. Fighting games are his passion and good music his life. As a member of the board and also a founder of SSP he is responsible for events and crazy marketing ideas. Some of you may already know him as “the face” of SSP.


Nick “Pylonick” Hömke

As social media manager, Nick has been with SSP since the 1st hour. He previously served as LoL Manager for TKA and is now responsible for the Sissi State Podcast. Some social media posts and especially the R6 memes go to his account. When he’s not stuck in various jobs, he’s into good punk and rock music. And of course he has a super fluffy dog! (By the way, this is not an attitude characteristic to be accepted at SSP, even if very many have a super fluffy dog in the management.)