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Sissi State Podcast
Sissi State Podcast - Episode 7: You're not alone

In episode 7 Nick and his guest Jens are talking about their personal experiences with mental health issues. How did they notice and what exactly helped them?

Please notice that they talk about really sensitive and personal things like suicidal thoughts that can trigger people. If you got mental health issues yourself, do not hesitate to seek help from your family, friends or other instances.

Language: German

About the Speakers

Jens “Pyxth0n” Mirchel

The 31 year old Jens is “the good heart” of the SSP social and streaming team. He works as cutter, videographer, graphic designer, twitch mod, … With his girlfriend and cats, he lives in Lippstadt, Germany and loves Rocket League. He joined the PUNKS in 2021 and is already an important part of the team. Not only his videos, but also his girlfriend sometimes inspire heated discussions on our social media channels. The real punk style.


Nick “Pylonick” Hömke

As social media manager, Nick has been with SSP since the 1st hour. He previously served as LoL Manager for TKA and is now responsible for the Sissi State Podcast. Some social media posts and especially the R6 memes go to his account. When he’s not stuck in various jobs, he’s into good punk and rock music. And of course he has a super fluffy dog! (By the way, this is not an attitude characteristic to be accepted at SSP, even if very many have a super fluffy dog in the management.)