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Sissi State Podcast
Sissi State Podcast – Episode 8: The SSP Comic

Episode 8 is about the legendary SSP comic. Nick talks with Marc, the story creator, and elicits numerous details about the lore surrounding the comic. Marc is one part of the comic team. The other is Ralf Singh, the cartoonist, who we’ll interview in another episode.

Language: German

About the Speakers

Marc Schmitz

Marc is a family father from Cologne and has been in the comic scene for ages. Among other things, he was responsible for the comic area at the RPC in Cologne and has already translated several comics for large publishers like Cross Cult, Panini Comics, etc. For the SSP comic, he is completely responsible for the background story, as well as the lettering. The SSP comic appears biweekly on Twitter and on Marc’s website. After 20 episodes, the first part will go to print and be sent to interested SSP supporters.


Nick “Pylonick” Hömke

As social media manager, Nick has been with SSP since the 1st hour. He previously served as LoL Manager for TKA and is now responsible for the Sissi State Podcast. Some social media posts and especially the R6 memes go to his account. When he’s not stuck in various jobs, he’s into good punk and rock music. And of course he has a super fluffy dog! (By the way, this is not an attitude characteristic to be accepted at SSP, even if very many have a super fluffy dog in the management.)

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